Our Mission

New Earth Healing Essentials is dedicated to the healing of Mother Earth and Humanity. 

We gathered together as a team, to share our collective ideas and skills, and in doing so we have created the highest selection of products to assist with accessing whole healing. 

Our products heal any and all diseases, ailments, energetic imbalances and more, as everything is vibration, we have ensured Divine vibration is assimilated into each product. What sets us apart from other manufactures, is our ancient knowledge of holistic medicine, our experience, awareness and pure conscious intentions. 

The products we hand make are created through conscious awareness of our own energetic systems, through meditation, positive intention and prayer. The Key element to all of our creations/products is Love. It is Love that changes the composition, vibrations and frequency of our products. This in turn allows the highest healing benefits for those who acquire our products.  

We are aware that Our healing practices render the pharmaceutical and medical industry obsolete and we look forward to Being the primary holistic medicine provider on the planet. 

Our focus is on 5D technology and high vibrational, organic products. Our top selling products are 13D Plasma Technology, our full Plasma Colloidal Range, Crystal Healing Pyramids & Crystal Healing Candles. 

Help support a reality where we are able to grow our own ingredients, research better alchemical breakthroughs, provide crystalline schooling for children and more. The are no limits when flowing from the Heart, with pure intentions. Our objective is Unity Consciousness with all, healing not only humanity, but the planet as well.

New Earth Healing Essentials


We are a Non-Profit Charity co-operation dedicated to raising the the Planet into Unity Consciousness. We are One in the Heart With Our sacred Mother, who we pray to daily. 

All proceeds from this go directly to our special projects aiding and assisting in Mother Earth's Healing.

Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals and cannot offer any medical opinions or diagnoses, nor do we provide any FDA approved advice or products. However, we do provide our personal experiences of healing and success using colloidal silver and other alternative medicines, as well as the guidance of its amazing healing properties from Mother of All Creation. We suggest that the use of colloidal for healing purposes be used in conjunction with all of our spiritual techniques and tools. We do not guarantee or make any promises of its effectiveness in healing or curing any diseases or illnesses, as every being must take responsibility for the healing of their personal energetics. We do guarantee that each bottle of colloidal has been made in pure consciousness, with loving intention, and infused with Kryolite crystals and moon bathed for purity. We hope you enjoy our product and feel the love we have poured into it. 

I was guided to apply Gaia’s Love Body Butter and Blessed to Receive such a High Vibrational healing product. As I applied the Butter I felt a profound sense of Self Love and Joy come over me, feeling Mother’s energy flowing to my hands, a soft, beautiful, nurturing and warm Healing Energy. 


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